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The hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips, each about a minute long.

Each clip shows driving situations involving other road users and is shot from a car driver’s point of view. As each clip plays a hazard – something that will cause the driver to change speed, direction or stop will develop.

In 13 of the clips you will have one hazard to identify, in the other, two.

You will not be told which hazard perception test clip is the two hazard clip. You identify the correct hazard or hazards by clicking on either the left or right mouse button.

Hazard Perception Test Scoring

The earlier you identify the correct hazard or hazards the more you score.

The scoring goes from five to zero points.

Don’t think you can continuously and frantically smoother the screen with clicks as the hazard perception clip plays.

If you do you will score zero. However, you will not lose points for clicking on other potential hazards that may also be seen.

So, you watch a clip and in that clip you will see several potential hazards unfolding.

Most will stay exactly that, potential hazards but one (or two) will become an actual hazard and cause the vehicle (the camera shot, the driver’s point of view) to change speed, direction or stop. This is the hazard you must click on in order to score points.

Clicking on the potential hazards will neither score you points nor lose you points.

You’ll be given the results of your theory tests at the test centre after taking it.

The video below is the official Hazard Perception Test DVSA Guide on the Hazard Perception Test – watch then choose a real Mock Hazard Perception Test.

Practice Hazard Perception Tests

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