How Many Driving Lessons

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need?
This is the single most common question that is asked to a professional driving instructor who is teaching someone how to drive a motor vehicle on the busy UK roads.

Our average lesson time frame for pupils beginning to passing their test in 2016 was approximately 37 hours, 35 hours in 2015, 33 hours in 2014, 34 hours in 2013, and the previous years did follow a similar pattern. The largest factor of lesson increase is not the practical test being harder, but the traffic conditions and volume of vehicles on the road being substantially bigger.

There is no definitive answer, but there are guides, statistics and information for guidance on the subject:

According to the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DSA), the average person / learner will require around 40 hours of professional tuition, which is combined and ran parallel with approximately 20 hours of private practice.

If a driving instructor tells you he or she can easily get you through in 20 or less hours, without previous driving experience, they are being economic with the truth.

The fact is that unless you have some experience, control and ‘savvy’ on the road your expectations will be massively exaggerated.

So be realistic and honest with yourself – safety is paramount when learning to drive.

The guidance chart below is worth looking at:

How Many Driving Lessons