Speeding Fines Increased From Next Week

From April 24th 2017 speeding fines could increase by double, with new higher penalties being introduced for those offenders who drive at speeds excessively above legal limits.

Slow down or face the consequences – the message is clear as new penalties for speeding offences roll out from next week in the UK.

Drivers who are caught exceeding the speed limits will be hit with new fines of up to £2,500, which is significantly higher than the current maximum of £1,000.

Following a consultation in 2016, it was clear that the existing fines simply did not reflect the enormity and impact speeding can and does have on the community.

The new legislation will hit the streets on April 24th, with motorists being targeted instantly from that point onward.

District judge Richard Williams, a sentencing council member said:
“The magistrates’ courts deal with the vast majority of offenders in England and Wales, so it is essential that the guidelines they use are up to date and help ensure that sentences are applied consistently and effectively”.

Any driver caught ‘significantly’ breaking the speed limit in any particular area will be dealt with a more severe punishment, in some cases 100% higher than previous fines.

Including that penalty, drivers still face the prospect of points on their licence and or disqualification.

speeding fines

Speeding Fines Banding

The Mirror reported that there are three bands which will determine exactly how heavily a driver will be fined:
Band A: The motorist will be charged half their weekly income.
Band B: The fine will be a full week’s earnings.
Band C: Motorists will be hit hard and could be 150% of their earnings.

Saving Money

By increasing the speeding fines it is widely accepted that the initial outcome will be less revenue but more importantly in the long term less fatalities.

According to the RAC, excessively breaking the speed limit puts lives at risk and causes danger to every other road user.

RAC spokesman Pete Williams said:
“Hopefully, hitting these offenders harder in the pocket will make them think twice before doing it again in the future.”

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